Comparing sponsorship costs

Now that we have some insight into the cost of advertising on Daring Fireball, let’s compare it with some other popular technology blogs with the same business model. Two of my other favorite sites are The Loop by Jim Dalrymple and by Marco Arment. Both of these sites have the same weekly sponsorship model as Daring Fireball.

A weekly sponsorship on Daring Fireball runs $8,500 and the site gets 4 million monthly page views. A weekly sponsorship on The Loop runs $1,500 and the site gets 1.2 million monthly page views. A weekly sponsorship on runs $2,000 and the site gets 600,000 monthly page views.1

Using page views as a metric,2 The Loop gives advertisers the most bang for their buck. Daring Fireball comes in second., the most expensive, is almost twice as expensive as Daring Fireball and almost three times as expensive as The Loop.

  1. I multiplied the sponsorship prices by four since we only have monthly page view numbers to work with. 

  2. To be clear, page views are only one metric to use when making advertising considerations. For example, the audiences of each site, while overlapping, are still unique and some advertisers may find more value with a particular site despite having a higher cost per page view.